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Podcast: Malaga church of Christ Bible class

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25/08/2013Bible class 25 Aug 2013[stream] (7Mb)Isaac Wuokolo913 A
04/08/2013Lawlessness Study[stream] (7.6Mb)David Atchley905 A
31/03/2013Equipped for every good work[stream] (7.3Mb)Babbs872 A
17/03/2013Jesus and our role[stream] (8.6Mb)Eddie Legg867 A
27/01/2013Spiritual Growth Lesson 1[stream] (7.5Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats855 A
23/12/2012acts 20[stream] (6.4Mb)David Atchley843 A
09/12/2012Acts chapter 9[stream] (5.2Mb)Uteng Phuti837 A
02/12/2012Acts chapter 14[stream] (7.8Mb)Eddie Legg833 A
25/11/2012Acts chapter 13[stream] (7.2Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats829 A
18/11/2012Acts chapter 10[stream] (7.2Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats825 A
11/11/2012Acts chapter 8[stream] (8.6Mb)Eddie Legg821 A
04/11/2012Acts 6-7: Protect the gospel[stream] (7.4Mb)Eddie Legg817 A
28/10/2012Acts study chapters 4-5[stream] (7.1Mb)Roger Tyers813 A
21/10/2012Reveal the Gospel[stream] (6.1Mb)Roger Tyers809 A
07/10/2012Speaking to people about the uniqueness of Jesus[stream] (8.4Mb)Eddie Legg803 A
23/09/2012Speaking to People Who Don't Know Jesus[stream] (8Mb)Peter Coleman799 A
16/09/2012Speaking to People Who Are Pleasing Themselves[stream] (8.2Mb)Rob Leigh795 A
09/09/2012Speaking to people who knock at our door 2[stream] (6.4Mb)Eddie Legg791 A
02/09/2012Speaking to people who knock on our door[stream] (6.9Mb)Eddie Legg787 A
26/08/2012Speaking to Work Mates[stream] (6.9Mb)Wilbert Sibanda783 A
19/08/2012Speaking to our children[stream] (7.2Mb)Roger Tyers779 A
12/08/2012Personal Experience - Talking to Saul[stream] (7.4Mb)Roger Tyers775 A
15/07/2012Speaking the gospel - believers who know part of the truth[stream] (9.1Mb)Wilbert Sibanda767 A
08/07/2012Speaking the gospel - to ignorant believers in God[stream] (6.4Mb)Roger Tyers763 A
01/07/2012Speaking the gospel - Peter and cornelius[stream] (7.7Mb)Ken D761 A
24/06/2012Speaking the Gospel - Stephen and Angry People[stream] (9.4Mb)David Atchley755 A
17/06/2012The apostles and devout people on the day of Pentecost[stream] (7.1Mb)Isaac Wuokolo751 A
10/06/2012Speaking the Gospel: Jesus before Pilate[stream] (6.6Mb)Roger Tyers747 A
03/06/2012Speaking the Gospel - Near to the Kingdom[stream] (9.2Mb)Quinton Funk743 A
20/05/2012Speaking the Gospel - Jesus and a Samaritan Woman[stream] (8.3Mb)Paul Tyers735 A
15/05/2012Speaking the Gospel - Jesus and Nicodemus[stream] (9.5Mb)Peter Coleman731 A
01/04/2012Glad Tidings[stream] (8.1Mb)Sylvester Iloh717 A
25/03/2012Filling what is lacking[stream] (9.5Mb)Roger Tyers713 A
11/03/2012What should i shout?[stream] (8.4Mb)Roger Tyers705 A
26/02/2012The Glory of the Lord revealed[stream] (7.5Mb)Roger Tyers701 A
19/02/2012Prepare The Way of The Lord[stream] (8Mb)Roger Tyers697 A
12/02/2012Listening to Jesus[stream] (8.8Mb)Paul Tyers693 A
05/02/2012Providing comfort[stream] (7.9Mb)Paul Tyers689 A
25/12/20111 John 5:4-21[stream] (7.6Mb)Eddie Legg675 A
18/12/20111 John 4:20-5:2[stream] (7.9Mb)Eddie Legg671 A
04/12/20111 John 4:7-20[stream] (6.9Mb)Ken Deetlefs667 A
27/11/20111 John 3:24-4:3[stream] (6.6Mb)Peter Coleman663 A
20/11/20111 John 3:13-24[stream] (7.5Mb)Peter Coleman659 A
13/11/20111 John 2:28-3:10[stream] (7.3Mb)Peter Coleman655 A
06/11/20111 John 2:18-29[stream] (7.8Mb)Peter Coleman651 A
30/10/20111 John 2:11-17[stream] (7Mb)Eddie Legg647 A
30/10/20111 John 2:1-11[stream] (8.3Mb)Eddie Legg645 A
23/10/20111 John 1:5[stream] (8.9Mb)Eddie Legg641 A
02/10/2011Words of God - Lesson 9 - Judgment and Salvation[stream] (9.3Mb)Sylvester Iloh633 A
25/09/2011Words of God - Lesson 10 - Eternal and Temporal[stream] (7.9Mb)Eliud Siame629 A
18/09/2011Lesson 7 - Love and Hate[stream] (8.9Mb)Sylvester Iloh625 A
11/09/2011Words of God - Repentant and Unrepentant[stream] (6.8Mb)Wilbert Sibanda621 A
04/09/2011Natural and Spiritual[stream] (6.3Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats617 A
28/08/2011Words of God - Lesson 6 - Grace and Works[stream] (7.2Mb)Wilbert Sibanda613 A
21/08/2011Righteousness and Unrighteousness[stream] (5.6Mb)Peter Coleman609 A
14/08/2011Words of God - Lesson 4 - Righteousness and Sanctification[stream] (6.5Mb)Peter Coleman603 A
07/08/2011Words of God - Lesson 3 - Redemption and Forgiveness[stream] (7.6Mb)Peter Coleman601 A
31/07/2011Words of God - Faith and Unbelief[stream] (7.2Mb)Roger Tyers597 A
24/07/2011Words of God - Good and Evil - Lesson1[stream] (6.9Mb)Roger Tyers595 A
10/07/2011The words God uses revealed[stream] (6.9Mb)Roger Tyers583 A
03/07/2011Exodus Lesson 11[stream] (6.9Mb)Andrew Burns579 A
26/06/2011Exodus - Lesson 10[stream] (6.2Mb)Eddie Legg575 A
19/06/2011Exodus - Lesson 9[stream] (6.6Mb)Andrew Burns571 A
12/06/2011Exodus - Lesson 8[stream] (7.6Mb)Isaac Wuokolo567 A
05/06/2011Exodus - Lesson 7[stream] (8Mb)Isaac Wuokolo563 A
29/05/2011Being called out of the world[stream] (7.4Mb)Isaac Wuokolo559 A
22/05/2011Exodus lesson 4[stream] (7.3Mb)Sylvester Iloh555 A
15/05/2011Passes over his people[stream] (6.3Mb)Sylvester Iloh551 A
01/05/2011Exodus - God Speaks for his People L2[stream] (8.7Mb)Roger Tyers545 A
24/04/2011God Remembers His People[stream] (7Mb)Roger Tyers541 A

8 May 2013, 20:11

Church of Christ, Malaga