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Podcast: Malaga church of Christ Sunday morning sermons

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13/10/2019The End of the Age[stream] (41:26 9.9Mb)Eddie Legg1853 A
06/10/2019The Word of God[stream] (22:28 5.4Mb)Wayne Harris1848 A
29/09/2019The Greatest Commandment[stream] (25:37 6.2Mb)Andrew Giles1851 A
22/09/2019Be Clothed in Christ[stream] (29:26 7.1Mb)Paul Tyers1849 A
15/09/2019Triumphant Entry[stream] (36:27 8.8Mb)Andrew Giles1847 A
08/09/2019Faith Towards God[stream] (14:24 3.5Mb)Brett Tyers1843 A
01/09/2019The Upside Down World[stream] (30:28 7.4Mb)Eddie Legg1841 A
25/08/2019The Rich Young Ruler & L/Supper[stream] (31:12 7.5Mb)Trevor Streeton1839 A
18/08/2019Jesus Teachings on Marriage and Divorce[stream] (32:06 7.8Mb)Peter Coleman1837 A
11/08/2019Forgiving Others in our Lives[stream] (33:15 8Mb)Wilbert Sibanda1835 A
04/08/2019Like children[stream] (29:50 7.2Mb)Sylvester Iloh1833 A
28/07/2019Transfiguration (Matthew 17)[stream] (25:48 6.2Mb)Roger Tyers1831 A
21/07/2019The Upside Down Kingdom[stream] (15:24 3.7Mb)Dobor1829 A
14/07/2019Jesus walks on water[stream] (17:32 4.3Mb)Ken Deetleff1827 A
07/07/2019associated documentsA Kingdom of Priests[stream] (49:10 11.8Mb)Daniel Stockstill1817 A
30/06/2019Seize the Moment[stream] (20:52 5Mb)Trevor Streeton1815 A
23/06/2019The Value of the God's Kingdom[stream] (35:51 8.7Mb)mark1813 A
16/06/2019The Parable of the Sower[stream] (17:26 4.2Mb)Ron D1811 A
09/06/2019Do You Call Good,Good?[stream] (39:09 9.4Mb)Eddie Legg1809 A
02/06/2019Jesus is Rest[stream] (29:05 7Mb)Tim R1807 A
26/05/2019Romans 6:3-14[stream] (17:50 4.3Mb)Paul T1803 A
19/05/2019Preaching Jesus[stream] (32:46 7.9Mb)Dobor1801 A
12/05/2019Jesus Responds to Faith[stream] (34:46 8.4Mb)Eddie Legg1799 A
05/05/2019Jesus Performs Miracles [stream] (20:17 4.9Mb)Aldrich1797 A
28/04/2019The Sermon on the Mount and Lord's Supper[stream] (29:43 7.1Mb)Glen Prideaux1795 A
21/04/2019False Prophets[stream] (34:01 8.2Mb)Paul T1793 A
14/04/2019Ask Seek Knock[stream] (22:36 5.5Mb)Paul Tyers1791 A
07/04/2019Judge not + Lord's Supper[stream] (30:49 7.4Mb)Roger Tyers1789 A
31/03/2019Treasures In Heaven[stream] (28:37 6.9Mb)Roger Tyers1787 A
24/03/2019How do we talk to God[stream] (34:16 8.3Mb)Tim1785 A
17/03/2019Loving your enemies[stream] (31:48 7.7Mb)Tim Rosengarten1783 A
10/03/2019How to Change the World[stream] (40:58 9.9Mb)quinton F1781 A
03/03/2019Lucky[stream] (32:02 7.7Mb)Quinton Funk1779 A
24/02/2019Salvation In Jesus[stream] (13:52 3.4Mb)wayne H1777 A
17/02/2019Facing Temptation[stream] (29:57 7.2Mb)Eddie L1775 A
10/02/2019Turing Towards God[stream] (34:12 8.3Mb)Eddie Legg1773 A
03/02/2019Son of Promise[stream] (35:44 8.6Mb)Eddie Legg1771 A
27/01/2019Giving[stream] (30:23 7.3Mb)Trevor Streeton1769 A
20/01/2019What is Salvation[stream] (23:32 5.7Mb)Roger Tyers1765 A
13/01/2019Finding Spiritual Motivation[stream] (15:04 3.7Mb)Aldrich1759 A
23/12/2018Spirtually Healthy Lives: Caring Gently for all People[stream] (22:22 5.4Mb)Sylvester Iloh1753 A
16/12/2018A healthy attitude to doing good[stream] (25:14 6.1Mb)Roger Tyers1749 A
09/12/2018Lesson: Contentment and Submission[stream] (27:14 6.6Mb)Eddie Legg1745 A
02/12/2018Serving God in the Workplace[stream] (26:52 6.5Mb)Tim Rosengarten1739 A
25/11/2018Managing our Mouth[stream] (24:25 5.9Mb)Quinton Funk1737 A
18/11/2018Healthy Marriage[stream] (21:47 5.3Mb)Jef Lee1733 A
11/11/2018Alert and Sober[stream] (29:34 7.1Mb)Peter Coleman1729 A
04/11/2018Its Time for a Change![stream] (25:37 6.2Mb)Paul Tyers1725 A
28/10/2018Spiritual Wellbeing[stream] (23:32 5.7Mb)Dobor1721 A
21/10/2018Sound and Well in the Faith[stream] (25:06 6.1Mb)mark1717 A
14/10/2018Is there a good person?[stream] (24:52 6Mb)Paul T1713 A
07/10/2018God to the Rescue[stream] (33:27 8.1Mb)Tim Rosengarten1707 A
30/09/2018True Relationships[stream] (26:43 6.5Mb)Eddie L1705 A
23/09/2018Bearing Fruit[stream] (21:06 5.1Mb)Andrew G1701 A
16/09/2018The Cure For Snakebite[stream] (26:20 6.4Mb)Trevor Streeton1697 A
09/09/2018Judge Not[stream] (24:08 5.8Mb)Eddie Legg1693 A
02/09/2018Fathers[stream] (25:24 6.1Mb)Roger Tyers1689 A
26/08/2018From Time to Eternity[stream] (17:55 4.3Mb)Ron Dobrich1685 A
19/08/2018Continuing on[stream] (35:42 8.6Mb)Eddie Legg1681 A
12/08/2018Sermon[stream] (29:01 7Mb)Jef Lee1677 A
05/08/2018Faith and Peace[stream] (30:07 7.3Mb)Ken D1673 A
29/07/2018How do I fit in?[stream] (32:32 7.9Mb)Wilbert1669 A
22/07/2018Servants[stream] (17:11 4.2Mb)Wayne Harris1665 A
15/07/2018Pastors and Elders[stream] (26:32 6.4Mb)Tim Rosengarten1661 A
08/07/2018Unity in Christ's Church[stream] (21:59 5.3Mb)Trevor Streeton1657 A
01/07/2018The church of Christ[stream] (21:50 5.3Mb)Roger T1655 A
24/06/2018Body of Christ - Christ as Head[stream] (24:04 5.8Mb)quinton F1653 A
17/06/2018Family of God Sermon[stream] (27:38 6.7Mb)Peter Coleman1649 A
10/06/2018What is Chuch?[stream] (33:19 8Mb)Tim1645 A
03/06/2018Church's Establishment - Heavenly and Eternal[stream] (34:46 8.4Mb)Paul T1641 A
27/05/2018Faith[stream] (27:02 6.5Mb)Uteng1635 A
20/05/2018Women Who Served Jesus Faithfully[stream] (25:22 6.1Mb)Wilbert Sibanda1631 A
13/05/2018The Simple Faith of Acceptance[stream] (27:24 6.6Mb)Eddie Legg1627 A
06/05/2018Precious Memories[stream] (37:21 9Mb)Rudy Wyatt1623 A
29/04/2018Consider Your Ways[stream] (22:53 5.5Mb)Paul Tyers1619 A
22/04/2018Plugging Into God's Power[stream] (27:23 6.6Mb)Quinton Funk1615 A
15/04/2018Faithful in God's People - Hezekiah[stream] (26:23 6.4Mb)Ron Dobrich1611 A
08/04/2018Elijah - Faithful In Prayer[stream] (21:47 5.3Mb)Roger Tyers1607 A
01/04/2018David Faith Repentance[stream] (29:11 7.1Mb)Dorbor1601 A
25/03/2018Lesson[stream] (19:54 4.8Mb)Eddie Legg1599 A
18/03/2018Reliance on God[stream] (26:26 6.4Mb)Ken Deetlefts1595 A
11/03/2018Samson - A Man of Faith??[stream] (19:58 4.8Mb)Eddie Legg1589 A
25/02/2018Moses - Faithful With Riches[stream] (26:19 6.3Mb)Trevor Streeton1587 A
18/02/2018Jacob - Faithful, Broken and Blessed by God[stream] (26:42 6.5Mb)mark1583 A
11/02/2018The Call of Abraham[stream] (22:34 5.5Mb)Dorbor Kollie1577 A
04/02/2018Faithfulness in Gods People[stream] (22:29 5.4Mb)Roger Tyers1573 A
28/01/2018Be Faithful to the End[stream] (27:22 6.6Mb)Tim Rosengarten1571 A
21/01/2018God calls his people to be faithful[stream] (23:12 5.6Mb)Eddie Legg1567 A
14/01/2018Was Jesus Faithful[stream] (22:17 5.4Mb)John Atchley1563 A
31/12/2017Listen To Jesus[stream] (25:13 6.1Mb)Sylvester Iloh1555 A
24/12/2017Humble Yourself[stream] (29:22 7.1Mb)Eddie Legg1551 A
17/12/201710 Things Jesus Asks Us To Do[stream] (26:51 6.5Mb)Ron Dobrich1547 A
10/12/2017Sincere Follwers[stream] (26:41 6.4Mb)Tim Rosengarten1543 A
03/12/2017Continue Loving[stream] (41:51 10.1Mb)Paul Tyers1539 A
26/11/2017Pure In Mind And Body[stream] (25:21 6.1Mb)Eddie Legg1535 A
19/11/2017Lesson[stream] (25:29 6.2Mb)Wilbert Sibanda1531 A
12/11/2017Power of His Words[stream] (27:53 6.7Mb)Unspecified1525 A
05/11/2017Enduring Condemnation[stream] (24:17 5.9Mb)Steve Gilligan1523 A
29/10/2017Called to Peace[stream] (29:30 7.1Mb)Tim Rosengarten1519 A
22/10/2017Ten Things Jesus Asks You To Do[stream] (30:11 7.3Mb)Quinton Funk1515 A
15/10/2017None of Me, All of You[stream] (17:25 4.2Mb)Eddie Legg1511 A
08/10/2017Faithful Love in the Last Days [stream] (32:52 7.9Mb)Ron Dobrich1507 A
01/10/2017What Do You Think of Scripture[stream] (31:33 7.6Mb)Peter Coleman1503 A
24/09/2017Abundant Life in Jesus[stream] (25:37 6.2Mb)Roger Tyers1499 A
17/09/2017Jesus was Faithful to Death[stream] (19:01 4.6Mb)Paul Tyers1495 A
10/09/2017God is Faithful[stream] (20:59 5Mb)Trevor Streeton1491 A
03/09/2017Praying in times of sorrow[stream] (20:05 4.9Mb)Sylvester Iloh1485 A
27/08/2017Betrayal[stream] (21:27 5.2Mb)Wayne Harris1483 A
20/08/2017Finding Comfort In Purpose[stream] (22:04 5.3Mb)Eddie Legg1479 A
13/08/2017True Riches[stream] (25:28 6.2Mb)Steve Gilligan1475 A
06/08/2017Jesus is the Greatest [stream] (20:18 4.9Mb)Ken Deetlefs1471 A
30/07/2017Life with a capital L[stream] (14:31 3.5Mb)Trevor Streeton1467 A
23/07/2017The Serpent and the Cross[stream] (28:48 7Mb)Paul Tyers1463 A
16/07/2017The Uneding Love of God[stream] (27:51 6.7Mb)Uteng Phuti1459 A
09/07/2017Rejoice[stream] (27:21 6.6Mb)Tim Rosengarten1455 A
02/07/2017Honour Your Parents By Finishing Well[stream] (23:55 5.8Mb)Quinton Funk1451 A
25/06/2017Caring For God's Family[stream] (18:16 4.4Mb)Eddie Legg1447 A
18/06/2017The Best Dad Ever[stream] (24:16 5.9Mb)Tim Rosengarten1445 A
11/06/2017Parents Sharing Their Faith With Children[stream] (24:39 6Mb)Sylvester Iloh1441 A
04/06/2017Nurturing Children[stream] (21:46 5.3Mb)Roger Tyers1437 A
28/05/2017What is God like?[stream] (24:13 5.9Mb)Steve Gilligan1431 A
21/05/2017Raising Children - A Heavenly Father[stream] (21:14 5.1Mb)Andrew Giles1427 A
14/05/2017The Power of God[stream] (9:13 2.3Mb)Aldrich1423 A
14/05/2017People like to boast[stream] (11:43 2.9Mb)Dobor1417 A
07/05/2017Pure Devotion[stream] (27:49 6.7Mb)Peter Coleman1415 A
30/04/2017Obedience[stream] (21:35 5.2Mb)Wayne Harris1411 A
23/04/2017Helping Believers To Help Others[stream] (21:57 5.3Mb)Mulbah and Trevor1407 A
16/04/2017The Grace of our Lord Jesus[stream] (21:35 5.2Mb)Roger Tyers1403 A
02/04/2017The love of the father[stream] (23:31 5.7Mb)Tim Rosengarten1395 A
19/02/2017Comfort from God[stream] (26:29 6.4Mb)Quinton Funk1373 A
12/02/2017Looking For The Answers [stream] (21:39 5.2Mb)Eddie Legg1363 A
05/02/2017Let the Lord build the house[stream] (28:07 6.8Mb)David Atchley1367 A
08/01/2017In the world but not of the world[stream] (29:31 7.1Mb)David Atchley1347 A
01/01/2017Genuine love[stream] (44:22 10.7Mb)Paul T1343 A
25/12/2016Five points for tough times[stream] (48:40 11.7Mb)Timothy Rosengarten1341 A
18/12/2016Faith Love and Obedience[stream] (18:49 4.6Mb)Uteng1337 A
18/12/2016Created to become like Christ[stream] (27:54 6.7Mb)Steve G1333 A
04/12/2016John the Baptist Agent Extraordinaire[stream] (22:54 5.5Mb)Trevor1331 A
27/11/2016Intentional Living[stream] (24:08 5.8Mb)Quinton Funk1325 A
20/11/2016Fortify Your Heart[stream] (22:41 5.5Mb)Sylvester1321 A
13/11/2016The Christian Life[stream] (21:18 5.2Mb)Peter Coleman1317 A
06/11/2016Remember and don't be Afraid[stream] (18:44 4.5Mb)Eddie Legg1313 A
30/10/2016Citizen of Heaven[stream] (16:36 4Mb)mark1309 A
23/10/2016Speaking the Truth with Love[stream] (22:20 5.4Mb)Andrew Giles1305 A
16/10/2016Isaiah 45:22[stream] (18:00 4.3Mb)Trevor Streeton1301 A
09/10/2016Congregational Meeting[stream] (44:05 10.6Mb)Various People Mark, Sylvester, Eddie. Trevor, Dobor, David, Paul1295 A
02/10/2016How do you know you are saved[stream] (19:50 4.8Mb)Wayne Harris1291 A
25/09/2016Jesus dies to take away the sins of his people[stream] (30:11 7.3Mb)Jef Lee1287 A
18/09/2016Are We there Yet[stream] (29:41 7.2Mb)Quinton Funk1283 A
11/09/2016Prayer in the Kingdom[stream] (18:42 4.5Mb)Eddie Legg1279 A
04/09/2016Will the Saved be Few[stream] (28:56 7Mb)Tim Rosengarten1273 A
28/08/2016Sincerity in Jesus' Kingdom[stream] (21:21 5.2Mb)Roger Tyers1269 A
21/08/2016The Joy of the Kingdom[stream] (20:37 5Mb)Eddie Legg1265 A
14/08/2016Faith In The Word of God[stream] (26:42 6.5Mb)Jef Lee1261 A
07/08/2016A Kingdom that Lifts Up and Tears Down[stream] (19:33 4.7Mb)Eddie Legg1257 A
31/07/2016Jesus The Royal Fisherman[stream] (23:35 5.7Mb)Peter Coleman1253 A
24/07/2016Jesus is a King who is lead by God's Spirit[stream] (25:03 6.1Mb)Roger Tyers1249 A
17/07/2016Jesus' Kingdom is Coming[stream] (16:03 3.9Mb)Sylvester1245 A
10/07/2016Salvation[stream] (6:21 1.6Mb)Aldrich1241 A
03/07/2016Praise and thank the Lord[stream] (18:38 4.5Mb)Uteng1237 A
26/06/2016To Live with the Eternal God[stream] (18:30 4.4Mb)David Atchley1233 A
19/06/2016The Lord is our Shepherd[stream] (24:31 5.9Mb)Tim Rosengarten1227 A
12/06/2016The Lord is compassionate[stream] (22:12 5.4Mb)Andrew Giles1223 A
05/06/2016God's Word is Great[stream] (24:18 5.9Mb)Sylvester Iloh1221 A
29/05/2016Will You Hear His Voice[stream] (29:08 7Mb)Tim Rosengarten1219 A
22/05/2016The Glory of God[stream] (15:13 3.7Mb)Jef Lee1217 A
15/05/2016the faith of Jesus[stream] (21:26 5.2Mb)Eddie Legg1215 A
08/05/2016Spiritual Hunger and Thirst[stream] (36:52 8.9Mb)Quinton Funk1211 A
01/05/2016Dont Be A Fool[stream] (20:00 4.8Mb)Trevor Streeton1209 A
24/04/2016God Delivers Us Out Of Our Trials[stream] (17:28 4.2Mb)Tim Rosengarten1205 A
17/04/2016sharing the gospel[stream] (18:34 4.5Mb)Wayne Harris1201 A
10/04/2016salt and light[stream] (29:36 7.2Mb)Sylvester Iloh1197 A
03/04/2016Jesus the Way[stream] (19:36 4.8Mb)Paul Tyers1195 A
27/03/2016Easter Sunday - Jesus[stream] (29:44 7.2Mb)Peter Coleman1193 A
20/03/2016Is the Bible from God[stream] (39:03 9.4Mb)Tim Rosengarten1191 A
13/03/2016Open The Door Of Your Heart[stream] (9:50 2.4Mb)David Atchley1189 A
06/03/2016Water into Wine[stream] (26:06 6.3Mb)Trevor Streeton1185 A
28/02/2016Living Intentionally as Jesus Did[stream] (9:19 2.3Mb)Wayne Harris1183 A
21/02/2016How to overcome fear and speak[stream] (30:25 7.3Mb)Roger Tyers1181 A
14/02/20164 Parts Of Evangelism[stream] (31:02 7.5Mb)Trevor Williams1179 A
07/02/2016We Are Embassadors For Christ[stream] (21:15 5.1Mb)Tim Rosengarten, Eddie Legg1177 A
31/01/2016Evangelism at Malaga[stream] (12:29 3Mb)Eddie Legg1175 A
17/01/2016What Makes You Happy 2[stream] (26:07 6.3Mb)George F1173 A
10/01/2016Sharing with others[stream] (32:28 7.8Mb)Paul Tyers1169 A
03/01/2016Change[stream] (20:09 4.9Mb)Norman Turner1167 A
27/12/2015Jesus Open Service[stream] (37:38 9.1Mb)David Atchley1165 A
20/12/2015God's promises and fulfilment[stream] (27:41 6.6Mb)John Atchley1163 A
13/12/2015Faith Hope and Love[stream] (30:44 7.4Mb)Wilbert Sibanda1161 A
06/12/2015Preying For Others[stream] (27:44 6.7Mb)Peter Coleman1159 A
29/11/2015God Created[stream] (27:51 6.7Mb)Ron Dobrich1157 A
22/11/2015Like Father Like Son[stream] (27:35 6.7Mb)Roger T1155 A
15/11/2015What Makes You Happy[stream] (23:12 5.6Mb)George F1153 A
08/11/2015Breath[stream] (23:58 5.8Mb)Trevor1151 A
01/11/2015Godly Guidance[stream] (32:36 7.9Mb)Tim Rosengarten1149 A
25/10/2015God sees your potential[stream] (24:02 5.8Mb)Quinton Funk1147 A
18/10/2015Spiritual Leadership[stream] (41:24 10Mb)Kevin Bieseker1145 A
11/10/2015Youth Service[stream] (19:09 4.6Mb)Youth1143 A
04/10/2015Put on the Whole Armour of GOD[stream] (31:15 7.5Mb)Sylvester1141 A
27/09/2015Consider the Faith of Job[stream] (40:35 9.8Mb)Jef Lee1139 A
20/09/2015Karma and Grace[stream] (22:27 5.4Mb)Eddie Legg1137 A
13/09/2015Some problems we face[stream] (40:14 9.7Mb)David Atchley1133 A
06/09/2015The burden of sin[stream] (30:53 7.5Mb)Eddie Legg1131 A
30/08/2015For God's Glory[stream] (30:33 7.4Mb)Steve Gilligan1129 A
23/08/2015The importance of baptism[stream] (27:39 6.7Mb)Wayne Harris1127 A
16/08/2015Evening Worship 16 08 2015[stream] (16:07 3.9Mb)Paul Tyers1125 A
16/08/2015Evening intro[stream] (6:28 1.6Mb)Paul Tyers1123 A
09/08/2015The Enemy is Real[stream] (38:13 9.2Mb)Rob Leigh1117 A
02/08/2015Now Abideth Faith[stream] (29:14 7.1Mb)Sylvester Iloh1115 A
26/07/2015Why Bad THings Happen[stream] (29:00 7Mb)George Funk1113 A
19/07/2015I am the Ressurection and the Life[stream] (23:32 5.7Mb)Roger Tyers1111 A
12/07/2015Overwhelmed with Life[stream] (27:36 6.7Mb)Eddie Legg1109 A
05/07/2015Lifting the World with Prayer session 2[stream] (27:06 6.5Mb)Various1107 A
05/07/2015Lifting the World with Prayer session 1[stream] (43:54 10.6Mb)Eddie & guests1105 A
28/06/2015Prayer in our Lives[stream] (31:53 7.7Mb)Eddie n Tim1103 A
21/06/2015Remembering in prayer[stream] (34:08 8.2Mb)Peter C, Eddy L, Tim R, Jeff W,1101 A
14/06/2015Looking out for one another[stream] (22:12 5.4Mb)Eddie Legg1099 A
07/06/2015Things God will not do[stream] (31:07 7.5Mb)David Atchley1097 A
31/05/2015Role Models[stream] (30:19 7.3Mb)Rob V1095 A
24/05/2015Lens Of Jesus[stream] (29:58 7.2Mb)Tim1093 A
17/05/2015Becoming a Faithful Christian[stream] (26:37 6.4Mb)Sylvester Iloh1091 A
10/05/2015Mothers Day 2015[stream] (30:57 7.5Mb)Paul Tyers1089 A
03/05/2015if christ is in you what is e doing[stream] (30:50 7.4Mb)Roger Tyers1087 A
26/04/2015How to use the greatest gift from God[stream] (26:48 6.4Mb)Quinton Funk1085 A
19/04/2015are you a doubting thomas[stream] (25:19 6.1Mb)Trevor Streeton1083 A
12/04/2015evangellism goals[stream] (39:27 9.5Mb)Ken,Eddie and Wilbert1081 A
05/04/2015How big is your faith[stream] (32:07 7.8Mb)Jef Lee1079 A
29/03/2015What is needed, what can I do and what can I commit[stream] (35:40 8.6Mb)Eddie Legg1077 A
22/03/2015A Resurected Life[stream] (32:44 7.9Mb)Tim Rosenden1075 A
15/03/2015Jesus Reserection[stream] (19:51 4.8Mb)Peter Coleman1073 A
08/03/2015Matters of the Heart[stream] (25:50 6.2Mb)Trevor Streeton1071 A
01/03/2015That You May Believe[stream] (19:35 4.7Mb)Norman Turner1069 A
22/02/2015Why am i here[stream] (35:30 8.6Mb)mark1067 A
08/02/2015those that wait upon the lord[stream] (28:27 6.9Mb)Sylvester Iloh1065 A
01/02/2015What to do when you feel overwhelmed[stream] (25:58 6.3Mb)Quinton Funk1063 A
25/01/2015Prophecy and Fulfillment[stream] (24:02 5.8Mb)Ayden Ferrante and Joel Turner1061 A
18/01/2015What am i supposed to do[stream] (26:14 6.3Mb)Eddie Legg1059 A
11/01/2015Guard your heart (mind games)[stream] (26:39 6.4Mb)Ron Dobrich1057 A
04/01/2015Forgiveness[stream] (31:45 7.7Mb)Roger Tyers1055 A
28/12/2014A new beginning[stream] (29:04 7Mb)David Atchley1053 A
21/12/2014Jesus the unexpected[stream] (26:43 6.5Mb)Eddie Legg1051 A
14/12/2014God is Awesome[stream] (40:48 9.8Mb)Tim Rosengarten1049 A
07/12/2014Sudden Return[stream] (4:00 1Mb)Trevor Streeton1047 A
30/11/2014Who do people say that I am[stream] (26:42 6.5Mb)Ron Dobrich1045 A
23/11/2014Living A Life Of Faith[stream] (27:31 6.7Mb)Quinton Funk1043 A
16/11/2014The Joy of Salvation[stream] (42:16 10.2Mb)Tim Rosengarten1041 A
09/11/2014Loveing one-another[stream] (31:53 7.7Mb)Peter Coleman1039 A
02/11/2014The Compassionate God[stream] (29:08 7Mb)David Mowday1037 A
26/10/2014Salvation, Success, and Significance[stream] (21:35 5.2Mb)Wayne Funk1035 A
19/10/2014Grace and Obedience[stream] (18:03 4.4Mb)Norman Turner1033 A
12/10/2014Lifting the veil[stream] (28:12 6.8Mb)Paul Tyers1031 A
05/10/2014remaining steadfast[stream] (25:41 6.2Mb)Sylvester Iloh1029 A
28/09/2014many parts one body[stream] (30:32 7.4Mb)Paul T1027 A
21/09/2014How far have you come[stream] (22:50 5.5Mb)Eddie Legg1025 A
14/09/2014Bearing with one another in Love[stream] (29:03 7Mb)Quinton Funk1023 A
07/09/2014Helping others Mature[stream] (29:31 7.1Mb)Unspecified1021 A
31/08/2014Nothing Will Now be Impossible for Them[stream] (27:45 6.7Mb)Eddie Legg1019 A
24/08/2014worship in our daily lives[stream] (26:12 6.3Mb)Sylvester Iloh1017 A
17/08/2014Singing from the Holy Spirit[stream] (32:07 7.8Mb)Rob Leigh1015 A
10/08/2014Special Lord Supper service[stream] (29:14 7.1Mb)Eddie Legg1013 A
03/08/2014Pray big Prayers[stream] (26:11 6.3Mb)Wayne Funk1011 A
27/07/2014Coping with Stress[stream] (22:15 5.4Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats1009 A
20/07/2014christian giving[stream] (36:42 8.9Mb)Peter Coleman1007 A
13/07/2014how the christian gives[stream] (27:39 6.7Mb)Ken Deetlefs1005 A
06/07/2014give offerings[stream] (33:44 8.1Mb)wilber1003 A
29/06/2014we can do all things[stream] (23:31 5.7Mb)Sylvester Iloh1001 A
22/06/2014The Christian Prize[stream] (27:51 6.7Mb)Ken D999 A
15/06/2014the bible the gospel and you[stream] (26:42 6.5Mb)John997 A
08/06/2014Make a difference[stream] (25:02 6.1Mb)Quinton Funk995 A
01/06/2014Working Out for Good[stream] (29:59 7.2Mb)Tim Rosengarten993 A
25/05/2014The Power of God[stream] (26:40 6.4Mb)George Funk991 A
18/05/2014How we can be free[stream] (35:23 8.5Mb)Paul Tyers989 A
11/05/2014Spirit and Truth[stream] (26:08 6.3Mb)Norman Turner987 A
04/05/2014A Spirit-Filled Life[stream] (26:46 6.5Mb)Eddie Legg985 A
27/04/2014how to make god smile[stream] (31:39 7.6Mb)Trevor Williams983 A
20/04/2014Dead or Alive[stream] (29:49 7.2Mb)Tim Rosengarten981 A
13/04/2014Death (is swallowed up) in Victory[stream] (25:05 6.1Mb)John Atchley979 A
06/04/2014The 4 F's[stream] (23:32 5.6Mb)Trevor Streeton977 A
30/03/2014Evangelism 2014[stream] (29:32 7.1Mb)Eddie Legg975 A
23/03/2014Do not give the devil a foothold[stream] (26:06 6.3Mb)Sylvester Iloh973 A
16/03/2014what makes you you[stream] (18:17 4.4Mb)Norman Turner971 A
09/03/2014Work in Zimbabwe[stream] (18:36 4.5Mb)Timothy Rinopisa969 A
05/03/2014The Prodigal Son[stream] (24:06 5.8Mb)Trevor Streeton967 A
23/02/2014Co-working with God[stream] (26:54 6.5Mb)Timothy Rinopisa965 A
16/02/2014God's Work through His Church[stream] (23:59 5.8Mb)Eddie Legg963 A
09/02/2014Marriage[stream] (36:46 8.9Mb)Paul Tyers961 A
02/02/2014Co workers with God in Parenting[stream] (30:32 7.4Mb)Peter Coleman959 A
26/01/2014Youth service[stream] (21:07 5.1Mb)Youth957 A
12/01/2014The getting of wisdom[stream] (24:24 5.9Mb)Quinton Funk953 A
05/01/2014Working together with God[stream] (31:43 7.7Mb)Elders951 A
29/12/2013Give thanks to the Lord[stream] (40:32 9.8Mb)Norman Turner949 A
22/12/2013What will you do with Jesus[stream] (35:19 8.5Mb)Sylvester Iloh947 A
15/12/2013True Love[stream] (28:59 7Mb)John Atchley945 A
08/12/2013I'm On My Way[stream] (44:51 10.8Mb)Paul Tyers943 A
01/12/2013He's coming back[stream] (17:46 4.3Mb)Tim Rosengarten941 A
24/11/2013The body and blood of Jesus[stream] (31:12 7.5Mb)Damien Forbes and Joshua Tyers939 A
17/11/2013Prophecies of Jesus[stream] (39:32 9.5Mb)David Atchley937 A
10/11/2013Are you a saint or a sinner?[stream] (32:47 7.9Mb)John Sligh935 A
03/11/2013God invites us to make choices[stream] (26:18 6.4Mb)Quinton Funk933 A
27/10/2013God invites us to a safe place[stream] (30:59 7.5Mb)Eddie Legg931 A
20/10/2013Stop Doubting and Believe[stream] (34:01 8.2Mb)Ron Dobrich929 A
13/10/2013The Invitation[stream] (23:13 5.6Mb)Andrew Burns927 A
06/10/2013A clear conscience[stream] (30:17 7.3Mb)Tim Rosengarten925 A
29/09/2013The day I found the Messiah[stream] (29:56 7.2Mb)Wilbert Sibanda923 A
22/09/2013The Price[stream] (26:58 6.5Mb)Sylvester Iloh921 A
15/09/20135 Chairs[stream] (26:12 6.3Mb)Norman Turner919 A
08/09/2013Do you believe Jesus?[stream] (28:27 6.9Mb)Eddie Legg917 A
01/09/2013Lessons from 1 Samuel 1[stream] (26:09 4.7Mb)Trevor Streeton915 A
25/08/2013The Real Jesus[stream] (26:16 4.8Mb)Eddie Legg911 A
18/08/2013Been with Jesus[stream] (26:54 4.9Mb)Roger Tyers909 A
11/08/2013Psalm 66[stream] (26:41 4.9Mb)Various907 A
03/08/2013Clothed in Christ[stream] (34:39 6.3Mb)Paul Tyers903 A
28/07/2013Staying Focused[stream] (28:45 5.2Mb)Eddie Legg901 A
21/07/2013Thankfulness[stream] (17:13 3.1Mb)Sylvester Iloh899 A
14/07/2013Our Hope is in The Lord[stream] (22:34 4.1Mb)George Funk897 A
08/07/2013Growth[stream] (33:38 6.1Mb)Peter Coleman895 A
04/07/2013King of Kings[stream] (22:20 4.1Mb)Ron Dobrich893 A
23/06/2013A New Begining[stream] (32:43 5.9Mb)David Atchley891 A
16/06/2013Being Aware of God[stream] (31:51 5.8Mb)Eddie Legg889 A
09/06/2013God's kindness[stream] (28:39 5.2Mb)Roger Tyers887 A
09/06/2013Do not worry[stream] (27:00 4.9Mb)Tim Rosengarten885 A
19/05/2013We got issues[stream] (35:54 6.5Mb)Tim Rosengarten883 A
12/05/2013The Gospel[stream] (28:59 5.2Mb)John Atchley881 A
05/05/2013Samson[stream] (26:20 4.8Mb)Quinton Funk879 A
21/04/2013Contentment[stream] (32:02 5.8Mb)Paul Tyers877 A
14/04/2013Does Jesus Make People Happy?[stream] (28:15 5.1Mb)Roger Tyers876 A
07/04/2013Growing and Maturing in Christ[stream] (37:00 6.7Mb)Bob Abney874 A
31/03/2013Resurrection[stream] (40:25 7.3Mb)Tim Rosengarten870 A
24/03/2013Here I am Lord[stream] (27:15 5Mb)Wilbert Sibanda869 A
17/03/2013Things Jesus Said About Himself[stream] (40:54 7.4Mb)Peter Coleman865 A
10/03/2013Where do we go from here?[stream] (39:17 7.1Mb)Eddie Legg863 A
24/02/2013Malchus and Herod[stream] (23:09 4.2Mb)Trevor Streeton861 A
17/02/2013The Need Is Now[stream] (32:20 5.9Mb)Tim Rosengarten859 A
10/02/2013Words are Powerful[stream] (27:43 5Mb)Sylvester Iloh857 A
27/01/2013Submission[stream] (37:21 6.8Mb)Eddie Legg853 A
20/01/2013Do I Care[stream] (28:37 5.2Mb)Roger Tyers851 A
13/01/2013Growing God's Way[stream] (34:10 6.1Mb)Tim Rosengarten849 A
06/01/2013Which Way?[stream] (34:32 6.3Mb)Jef Lee847 A
30/12/2012Godly Goals[stream] (23:31 4.3Mb)Quinton Funk845 A
23/12/2012Making Disciples[stream] (26:04 4.7Mb)Ron Dobrich841 A
16/12/2012Word Became Flesh[stream] (26:37 4.8Mb)Brett Christensen839 A
09/12/2012Serving One Another[stream] (49:43 9Mb)Tim Rosengarten835 A
02/12/2012Jesus, Friend of Sinners[stream] (31:53 5.8Mb)Sylvester Iloh831 A
25/11/2012Workers In the Vineyard[stream] (26:43 4.8Mb)Trevor Streeton827 A
18/11/2012Knowing Jesus[stream] (31:18 5.7Mb)Paul Tyers823 A
11/11/2012Rememberance[stream] (28:42 5.2Mb)Peter Coleman819 A
04/11/2012Don't Worry[stream] (22:04 4Mb)Eddie Legg815 A
28/10/2012Make Your Calling and Election Sure[stream] (27:55 5.1Mb)Sylvester Iloh811 A
21/10/2012A Real Life[stream] (24:59 4.5Mb)Tim Rosengarten807 A
14/10/2012We Are Made To Work[stream] (26:57 4.9Mb)Eddie Legg805 A
07/10/2012Guard Rails[stream] (31:04 5.6Mb)Quinton Funk801 A
23/09/2012Cognitive Dissonance[stream] (27:16 5Mb)Josh Tyers797 A
16/09/2012Blessed Are the Feet[stream] (38:20 6.9Mb)Tim Rosengarten793 A
09/09/2012God's Pattern, Plan, Road Map[stream] (37:39 6.8Mb)Jimmy Forbes789 A
02/09/2012What Are We Here For?[stream] (27:53 5.1Mb)Eddie Legg785 A
26/08/2012Cure for Snakebite (or Jumping to Conclusions)[stream] (28:21 5.1Mb)Trevor Streeton781 A
19/08/2012Olympic Games[stream] (24:17 4.4Mb)Eddie Legg777 A
12/08/2012Holiness[stream] (25:36 4.6Mb)David Atchley773 A
05/08/2012Sermon on the Mount - readings and prayers[stream] (37:50 6.9Mb)Tim Rosengarten771 A
29/07/2012Four Things to Do for Spiritual Growth[stream] (26:06 4.7Mb)George Funk770 A
22/07/2012Worship[stream] (22:44 4.1Mb)Eddie Legg769 A
15/07/2012Four Little Words[stream] (20:40 3.8Mb)John Sligh765 A
08/07/2012The sacrifice of the Christ[stream] (30:33 5.5Mb)Trevor Streeton759 A
01/07/2012Who is God? - from Psalm 23[stream] (20:01 3.6Mb)John Atchley757 A
24/06/2012Telling the Good News[stream] (19:27 3.5Mb)Andrew Burns753 A
17/06/2012Lessons from Naaman[stream] (31:44 5.7Mb)Trevor Streeton749 A
10/06/2012Be Visible[stream] (35:32 6.4Mb)Paul Tyers745 A
03/06/2012What does God expect of us?[stream] (21:53 4Mb)David Atchley741 A
27/05/2012Jesus and the Jews[stream] (38:43 7Mb)Roger Tyers739 A
27/05/2012Shoot the Imposter[stream] (32:24 5.9Mb)Tim Rosengarten737 A
20/05/2012God Is Willing to Forgive[stream] (34:23 6.2Mb)Peter Coleman733 A
15/05/2012Malaga in the Mirror[stream] (28:31 5.2Mb)Eddie Legg729 A
06/05/2012Principles of Christ[stream] (23:18 4.2Mb)Roger Tyers727 A
29/04/2012Acts chapter 2[stream] (29:18 5.3Mb)Eddie Legg725 A
22/04/2012The Powerful Word of God[stream] (28:27 5.2Mb)Sylvester Iloh723 A
15/04/2012Gospel Central[stream] (33:18 6Mb)Tim Rosengarten721 A
08/04/2012Nic and Joe[stream] (24:05 4.4Mb)Quinton Funk719 A
01/04/2012We Live, If You Stand Firm[stream] (37:21 6.8Mb)Tim Rosengarten715 A
25/03/2012You Belong Here[stream] (18:51 3.4Mb)John Atchley711 A
18/03/2012Do What!?!?[stream] (31:45 5.8Mb)Tim Rosengarten707 A
11/03/2012What do you put your faith in?[stream] (19:21 3.5Mb)Eddie Legg703 A
26/02/2012Glass Half Empty Or Half Full[stream] (28:40 5.2Mb)Tim Rosengarten699 A
19/02/2012Forgiveness[stream] (26:33 4.8Mb)Eddie Legg695 A
12/02/2012Two Personas[stream] (19:45 3.6Mb)Stuart Bassett691 A
05/02/2012How Can I Be a Good Dad?[stream] (25:17 4.6Mb)David Atchley687 A
29/01/2012Sin and Us[stream] (36:55 6.7Mb)Paul Tyers685 A
22/01/2012What We Can Learn from a Child[stream] (29:41 5.4Mb)Rob Vander Kraats681 A
15/01/2012Zeal for God[stream] (14:01 2.6Mb)Andrew Atchley680 A
08/01/2012The Love of God[stream] (28:26 5.2Mb)Sylvester Iloh679 A
01/01/2012Material Possessions[stream] (30:08 5.5Mb)Eddie Legg677 A
25/12/2011Emmanuel - Goe with us[stream] (28:44 5.2Mb)Eddie Legg673 A
18/12/2011Training[stream] (36:10 6.6Mb)Peter Coleman669 A
04/12/2011What Is the Most Important Thing?[stream] (19:59 3.6Mb)Eddie Legg665 A
27/11/2011God Is Not Far From Us[stream] (22:40 4.1Mb)Roger Tyers661 A
20/11/2011Jesus Christ - The Gate to Salvation and the Good Shepherd[stream] (26:23 4.8Mb)Wilbert Sibanda657 A
13/11/2011The Pure Word[stream] (32:35 5.9Mb)Jef Lee653 A
06/11/2011Spiritual Adultery[stream] (31:02 5.6Mb)Tim Rosengarten649 A
30/10/2011Understanding the Gospel[stream] (24:58 4.5Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats643 A
23/10/2011The Storm[stream] (28:28 5.2Mb)Wilbert Sibanda639 A
16/10/2011God, Put Me Where You Want Me[stream] (22:39 4.1Mb)Tim Rosengarten637 A
09/10/2011The Story of the Gospel[stream] (32:26 5.9Mb)Eddie Legg635 A
02/10/2011Are you a back seat driver?[stream] (25:28 4.6Mb)Trevor Streeton631 A
25/09/2011Spiritual Food[stream] (27:54 5.1Mb)Eliud Siame627 A
18/09/2011Running from God[stream] (29:44 5.4Mb)Roger Tyers623 A
11/09/2011Zacchaeus[stream] (27:33 5Mb)Quinton Funk619 A
04/09/2011What is my understanding of God?[stream] (33:17 6Mb)Peter Coleman615 A
28/08/2011Don't Look Back[stream] (26:05 4.7Mb)Sylvester Iloh611 A
21/08/2011Who do you put your hope in?[stream] (36:00 6.5Mb)Paul Tyers607 A
14/08/2011How to Please God[stream] (33:36 6.1Mb)Jef Lee605 A
07/08/2011Goodness and Severity of God[stream] (25:03 4.5Mb)David Atchley599 A
31/07/2011Making Connections with God[stream] (26:00 4.7Mb)Quinton Funk591 A
24/07/2011Ezekiel and the Valley of Dry Bones[stream] (31:40 5.7Mb)Eddie Legg587 A
17/07/2011The Comfort that God Offers[stream] (28:11 5.1Mb)Rob Vander Kraats585 A
10/07/2011Colossians chapter 1[stream] (33:16 6Mb)Paul Tyers581 A
03/07/2011Sin Scars[stream] (26:15 4.8Mb)Tim Rosengarten577 A
26/06/2011What does God expect of us?[stream] (30:00 5.4Mb)Peter Coleman573 A
19/06/2011Images of God[stream] (21:40 3.9Mb)John Atchley569 A
12/06/2011Hospitality[stream] (26:46 4.9Mb)Dennis Vander Kraats565 A
05/06/2011Being filled with the Holy Spirit[stream] (30:15 5.5Mb)Sylvester Iloh561 A
29/05/2011Giving ourselves fully to Jesus[stream] (34:10 6.2Mb)Eddie Legg557 A
22/05/2011Living Hope[stream] (25:29 4.6Mb)Wilbert Sibanda553 A
15/05/2011associated documentsOne Family[stream] (43:03 7.7Mb)Eddie Legg549 A
08/05/2011Diversity in the church[stream] (28:55 5.2Mb)Graham Fry547 A
01/05/2011Speaking God's Message Confidently[stream] (33:50 6.1Mb)Paul Tyers543 A
24/04/2011The Resurrection of the Christ[stream] (27:30 5Mb)Trevor Streeton539 A

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