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23/02/2020Present Your Bodies As Living Sacrifices[stream] (40:01 9.6Mb)1887 A
11/08/2019Forgiving Others in our Lives[stream] (33:15 8Mb)1835 A
30/12/2018Growing in the Grace and Knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ[stream] (34:01 8.2Mb)1757 A
20/05/2018Women Who Served Jesus Faithfully[stream] (25:22 6.1Mb)1631 A
19/11/2017Lesson[stream] (25:29 6.2Mb)1531 A
13/12/2015Faith Hope and Love[stream] (30:44 7.4Mb)1161 A
29/09/2013The day I found the Messiah[stream] (29:56 7.2Mb)923 A
24/03/2013Here I am Lord[stream] (27:15 5Mb)869 A
26/08/2012Speaking to Work Mates[stream] (38:03 6.9Mb)783 A
15/07/2012Speaking the gospel - believers who know part of the truth[stream] (50:32 9.1Mb)767 A
20/11/2011Jesus Christ - The Gate to Salvation and the Good Shepherd[stream] (26:23 4.8Mb)657 A
23/10/2011The Storm[stream] (28:28 5.2Mb)639 A
11/09/2011Words of God - Repentant and Unrepentant[stream] (37:42 6.8Mb)621 A
28/08/2011Words of God - Lesson 6 - Grace and Works[stream] (39:41 7.2Mb)613 A
22/05/2011Living Hope[stream] (25:29 4.6Mb)553 A
22/08/2010Light of the World[stream] (26:55 4.8Mb)459 A
27/06/2010Contrite Submission ... what a Christian feels[stream] (32:55 5.9Mb)445 A
14/03/2010Worship - Prayer[stream] (26:49 5Mb)429 A
23/08/2009Darwin lesson 04 - God's Purposes for His Creation[stream] (46:18 19.5Mb)393 A
12/07/2009He can deliver[stream] (19:30 3.5Mb)381 A
29/03/2009Love[stream] (26:22 12.7Mb)352 A
09/11/2008Hope[stream] (21:23 9Mb)312 A

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5 October 2019, 22:58

Church of Christ, Malaga