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Malaga church of Christ Sunday morning sermons
Every Sunday morning at the Malaga church of Christ in Perth, Western Australia, a 'sermon' is presented. This is usually presented lecture-style, but from time to time this format will vary. Most weekly recordings will be about 25 minutes in length.
Malaga church of Christ Bible class
Most Sunday mornings, a Bible class is held at the Malaga church of Christ in Perth, Western Australia. These cover a variety of topics, and may not always be recorded.
Malaga church of Christ Lord's Supper talks
Every Sunday morning at the Malage church of Christ in Perth, Western Australia, the Lord' Supper is shared. There is usually a short introductory talk.

Recent recordings

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23/02/2020Present Your Bodies As Living Sacrifices[stream] (40:01 9.6Mb)Wilbert Sibanda1887 A
23/02/2020Lord's Supper 2020 Feb 23[stream] (5:27 1.3Mb)Dorbor Kollie1886 A
16/02/2020God is LOve[stream] (20:30 5Mb)Paul Tyers1885 A
09/02/2020Can we earn our relationship with God?[stream] (36:09 8.7Mb)Eddie Legg1884 A
09/02/2020Lord's Supper[stream] (6:51 1.6Mb)Trevor Streeton1883 A
02/02/2020Fellowship with God - Jesus is the ONLY way[stream] (26:26 6.3Mb)Roger Tyers1882 A
02/02/2020Lord's Supper 2 Feb 2020[stream] (5:33 1.3Mb)Isaac1881 A
26/01/2020Work of the Ministry[stream] (29:12 7.1Mb)Eddie Legg1880 A
19/01/2020Lords supper[stream] (4:51 1.2Mb)Eddie Legg1879 A
19/01/2020Christian Persecution[stream] (23:04 5.6Mb)Ron dobridge1878 A
12/01/2020Investure of Sylvester as a Shepherd[stream] (43:08 10.4Mb)Elders and Sylvester1877 A
12/01/2020Lords supper[stream] (5:38 1.4Mb)Damien Parker1876 A
05/01/2020Lord's Supper 5 Jan 2020[stream] (5:43 1.4Mb)Steve Elks1873 A
05/01/2020Christ's Victory Parade[stream] (30:18 7.3Mb)John Atchley1872 A

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